Top tips for Schools on saving energy August 2022

Tip 1: Standby appliances need to be switched off via the wall socket, meaning someone has to switch it off manually. This will help reduce the wasted energy being used while the appliances aren’t even occupied

Tip 2: Keep your classroom doors closed whenever possible. This will help prevent cool or warm air from escaping. This keeps the heat in the rooms without having to continuously turn up and down the heating, which consequently uses more energy.

Tip 3: Don’t overheat or overcool. In winter, set your school’s thermostat to 18°C–20°C and in summer set it to 24°C–27°C.  This way the thermostat will stop the heating systems using as much energy.

Tip 4: Remind everyone to turn off appliances at the wall when they are not in use. Appliances that are not in use are running in the background. As energy is being wasted, there is less available energy to be used elsewhere within the school.

Tip 5: Remember to turn the lights off when you leave a classroom. Schools keep lights powered on permanently as it is easier than switching them on and off.

Tip 6: Check that none of your taps around the school are dripping. Hot water uses a large amount of energy to heat, so make sure to use it liberally.  You could also swap the taps in your facility to water saving ones, instead of keeping taps that don’t turn off themselves after a set time.

Tip 7: Check your school’s appliances, such as computers, fridges and kitchen equipment, to see how their energy efficient they are (Eco powered). Computers in schools are commonly found to be using large amounts of energy because running costs have not been previously known.

In addition to making immediate changes, why not venture into making more  permanent alterations to items that require replacement or improvement, such as inefficient lighting that can be changed into more energy efficient LED’s, or slow computer systems swapped to Ethernet powered devices that allow them to run faster and for less money.

If you need help or advice on reducing your Schools, Colleges or Universities energy bills then please see your teachers discount energy experts Tel: 01636 382009

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