Top tips for School Teachers when choosing blinds for your home June 2022

1. Choose your style

The starting point will be selecting the style of the blind. While there are plenty of styles to choose from, not all of them may look suitable for the room that you’re decorating. Thus, you need to ensure that the style you go for doesn’t contrast to the personality and overall theme of your rooms.

Some of the most well-known styles you can pick from are Venetian blinds and roller blinds. If you’re looking for moderate privacy and light control, you may have to consider Venetian blinds. Aside from that, they’re quite affordable too than the rest. Plus, this is actually what’s on-trend for the window blinds.If you’re looking for a contemporary touch for your windows that would match your room’s streamlined look, you can go for roller blinds. This style is also used for doors or windows that require frequent access. Go ahead and choose which style fits your room’s aesthetic and your personal preference regarding its functionality.

2. Pick the right material according to your space

Window blinds come in various materials, and they all differ according to your room. Some of the materials to choose from include plastic, vinyl, or wood. Each of these has its own set of benefits and sustainability.

For instance, if your room is directly exposed to the sun, which causes excessive indoor heat, block out roller blinds, or aluminium Venetians are your best bet. Both these materials feature a reflective backing which can help reduce indoor heat. If your home is located in wet areas, PVC blinds will fit best. This type can resist moisture and is also suitable for easily wet rooms, like kitchens and bathrooms. If you want a material that can fit into any room temperature or setting, opt for wooden blinds. They are also affordable.

3. Consider the access options

Keep in mind that all blinds differ in their function or access option, which means they all have different ways of closing and opening. This could highly influence your choice of blinds as some cord or wand needs to be accessible so you can use the blinds properly. For instance, sliding doors need to be accessed easily because they are frequently used. It would be best to use roller blinds since they have a very simple function, making them very easy to use.

4. Priortise Safety

Sometimes, safety can be easily overlooked if you get too overwhelmed and excited about choosing different styles for your blinds. However, if you still have toddlers or pets constantly playing around in your home, you have to be mindful of their safety.

Some blinds tend to have rails or dangling cords, which could be dangerous for pets or toddlers to play with. Fortunately, the blinds industry has come up with technological enhancements to produce blinds that are easier and safer to operate even with kids or pets in the house. Some of these include PVC blinds and Wooden blinds that have child safety devices to ensure safety while at the same time looking stylish.

5. Think about maintenance

The thing is, all blinds can quickly accumulate dust, regardless of their type or style. Thus, it’s essential that you read about maintenance tips for the type of blinds you’re using. Fortunately, you don’t have to clean them every day. Some blinds are easier to clean than others. For instance, wooden blinds are easier to clean by yourself. However, they need to be waterproof since moisture could damage your blinds and cause them to rot in time.

For those blinds with sensitive fabrics, they may be best cleaned by professionals as they have the right cleaning tools. If you aspire to do the cleaning yourself, you may have to choose a blind that is very easy to maintain.

6. Choose blinds that fit your budget

Blinds are priced differently. Some are priced by their size, style, material, or fabric. If you go for a customized size for your blinds, that can also add to the overall cost. Choosing blinds that are over your budget can be disappointing. Thus, it’s recommended that you check your budget first, and you can use that as a basis for your choices. If you’re looking for an affordable blind while still looking stylish, you can go for faux wood blinds. Another cheaper option is the aluminium mini blinds.

7. Look for noteable blind manufacturers

The great advantage you get to have when purchasing your blinds from notable manufacturers is they offer you a warranty for at least two years. Thus, it’s best to choose your blinds in reputable companies rather than in a random marketplace. Remember, blinds are a considerable investment that must be taken thoughtfully.

8. Settle for less

If you remember the famous saying, ‘less is more,’ you may have to keep that in mind when choosing your blinds. Blinds are meant to add style or accent to your home. Knowing this, they mustn’t overpower other decorations in your home. For instance, choosing overly patterned or colored blinds in an already visually noisy room may make it look messier. The best blinds you can get are those types that can make your room look more spacious.

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