Top tips for School Teachers on Quad Bike maintenance May 2022

Do you love adventure? Quad bikes are designed for people who love the adrenaline rush and no other vehicle can match up to the experience offered by quad bikes. These are four wheeled bikes and a myriad of choices are available in the market.

It goes without saying that the better the quality of build and finish, the lesser maintenance it will require. Generally the premium quality bikes from well-known brands are designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear and following the manufacturer’s maintenance guide would be enough, however, some cheaper quad bikes require stubborn maintenance regimes.

No matter which model you choose, there will be considerable amount of wear and tear due to rough handling resulting in worn out components. To start with you should familiarize yourself with the bike and get to know the components well. Read the manufacturer’s guide thoroughly. If you have any problem you can directly get in touch with the selling dealer or seek the advice of a person who owns a bike already. Irregular maintenance can lead to dangerous outcomes like accidents, complete break-down, etc. If you want to take care of your quad yourself, here are some maintenance tips that will help you.

  1. Regular Oil/Filter Change. A regular oil and filter change is essential to restore the performance and efficiency of the quad bikes. Make sure that you drain out the existing oil completely and then fill fresh oil to the required amount. Warm up the bike, so that it becomes easier to replace the oil. Old oil collects a lot of dirt, dust or debris which corrodes the internal components. Changing the oil filter to is also as important as changing oil as this ensures the engine performs at its best.
  2. Air Filter Cleaning. Cleaning and Lubing the air filter is part of regular maintenance regime. A dirty air filter puts a lot of stress on the engine thus lowering its performance. For the best performance, the engine needs the fuel and air to function at its best. Dirty air filters pass dirt along with the air which damages can cause damage to the engine. Cleaning and or changing the air filter will ensure that the bike engine lasts longer and there is no considerable damage to thequad.
  3. Check the Spark Plugs. The colour of the spark plug is an indication of the purity of the fuel mixture. The spark plug should be exactly brown in colour – dark brown indicates the fuel mixture is too concentrated and light brown means the mixture is too thin. In either case you should first make the mixture perfect and then drive the bike.
  4. Tighten Bolts. It is very important to make sure that all the components are in the right place. Quad bikes are designed for rough handling, so it is quite evident that the nuts and bolts will vibrate and become loose. So it is essential that you check all nuts, bolts, pivot bolts, wheel hubs, sprocket bolts, etc on a regular basis and tighten them whenever needed.
  5. Chain/Cable adjustment and Lubing. Chain and Cable adjustment is very important, Non adjusted cables can cause problems with the clutch, acceleration and braking systems and slack/over tightened chains could cause damage to sprockets, bearings as well as possibly smashing the casing should the chain snap. Regular lubrication to both the chain and cables will prolong the life of both.

Know your quad well, ask the quad bike seller to give you a prior guidance about the maintenance and safety features of the bike. Also make sure you wear protective clothes when cleaning the bike, since most chemicals used are corrosive and can have allergic reactions on your skin. If jet washing, make sure you stand at a distance and keep away from electrical components as the force of the water could cause damage, finish off with a lubricant such as DW40, spray all components ( other than the brakes) which will help repel water and dirt on future rides.

Quad bikes are designed for high performance and to restore this feature, regular maintenance is not a choice but a necessity.

If you need help and advice on maintenance for your quad bike then please see your listed Teachers Discount Garage for help:

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