Top tips for School Teachers on property maintenance April 2022

1 Inspect Drains

It is important to regularly check your sink/ washbasin drains to ensure debris is not accumulated. If it is clogged, a quick home remedy is to mix equal amounts of baking soda and vinegar in a cup. Pour the solution into the drain and wait for it to bubble. When it subsides, you can put a stopper and wait for another 15 minutes. Once this is done, slowly pour boiling water to clear your drain! 

2. Clean shower heads and bathroom taps

Don’t forget to remove the mineral deposits on your showerheads and bathroom taps as part of your cleaning home process! This can avoid rust formation in the future.

3. Flush all Toilets/ Run all water in unused rooms

This home maintenance tip is important for individuals who have guest rooms, or rooms that are not regularly used in their house. This is to prevent any kind of dirt build-up due to water accumulation.

4. Gardening

While watering your plants/ garden daily is important, you must clean them periodically as well. Here are some important tips to remember:

-Pluck weeds and remove unnecessary debris from your plant pots/ garden. 

-Inspect for bugs/ insects on your plants. (To make a simple, homemade insecticide, mix one and a half teaspoons of mild liquid soap with a litre of water. You can spray the solution directly on the affected areas of the plant. Ensure that you spray the solution only during the evenings/ early mornings. )

5. Dust your entire house

One of the most important home cleaning tasks is to dust your entire house, once every few months. Clean all your furniture, ceiling fans, windows, and appliances. Don’t forget to cover door edges or other places where it might get ruined by excess water. If you have toddlers at home, it is crucial to have a good lock system in place for your doors and windows.

6. Clean your AC filter

The most important annual cleaning home task is to ensure your air conditioning (AC) filter is running efficiently. If you have a reusable AC filter, it can simply be washed under running water and reused. You can skip this step if your AC is compatible with auto-cleaning mode. 

7. Check your roof surfaces for damage

You need to check your roof surface for wall cracks, paint chipping, holes, or any other damage. If you find damages, be sure to contact a roofing contractor in your area immediately. 

8. Clean your chimney

Cleaning your chimney once a year can ensure a continual flow of smoke from your kitchen. The soot build-up can be cleaned by a professional chimney sweep. You can contact your nearest kitchen cleaning/ repair services company for more information. 

9. Repaint your home

You can check the exterior of your house for paint chipping. It is recommended that you touch-up the exterior of your house at least once a year. You can either do this activity by yourself, or you can hire a professional for re-painting. 

Note: Do not re-paint your house during the winter months as rain can damage wet paint. 

10. Patio and Driveway maintenance

It is advisable to remove dirt and stains from the driveway as soon as you notice them. However, most home owners wait for the summer or spring months to power or pressure wash the driveway simply because algae and moss are more visible. It is also important to choose cloudy day for the washing to prevent quick drying, which can compromise the cleaning effectiveness. It should take you about 1 to 2 hours or an afternoon depending on the size of the space. If you need help and advice on jet washing your driveway or patio then please see your listed teachers discount maintenance contractor DW Maintenance for help below. Telephone: 07500339486 for your free quote.

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